Fast Change System

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Resinous Flooring Supply stocks the Fast Change System for easy use of your machines. What makes Fast Change products different? The slide wedge system allows you to quickly and efficiently change out your diamond tooling. You can finally say goodbye to dealing with annoying bolts and Allen wrenches. With Fast Change, there are no worries! The wide range of trapezoid diamond wings makes sure you get the right tooling for your specific application.

Fast Change tools come in a variety of bonds and segments. This means you can easily find exactly what you need for your project. Fast Change makes sure your job gets done quickly and easily.

The color-coded system helps you find the right segment for your needs. Red segments are for medium/hard concrete and the removal of light chemical residue, while black segments are for soft abrasive concrete/mortar. Blue segments provide efficient speed and long-lasting life on hard concrete. Gold segments are best for grinding on very hard concrete. Shop Fast Change products today from Resinous Flooring Supply!

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