Uni-Lock Tooling (Diteq & Husqvarna Type Parts)

Uni-Lock Tooling: Alternative to Diteq & Husqvarna

At Resinous Flooring Supply, we believe in selling the right products at the right prices. That’s where our Uni-Lock Tooling products come in. They’re the perfect alternative to parts for your Diteq and Husqvarna machines. Uni-Lock offers the same expert performance and quality at a fraction of the cost. The parts are ready-to-go and fit directly onto your current machine.

Our selection of Uni-Lock alternatives to Diteq and Husqvarna are designed to meet almost any project need! We offer tons of different segments and bonds. From PCD’s to hard bond bar segments, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at Resinous Flooring Supply. Shopping from us means you get the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a product that is backed by experts. Our team of industry pros checks the quality and performance of every item. Our hands-on experience with every item means we know it by heart and can answer any question you may have.

Great results for your project don’t have to be expensive! With our alternatives to Diteq and Husqvarna parts, you can keep the quality while saving money. As a bonus, you’ll be helped by our friendly and professional team – we’re here to make sure your project goes smoothly! With Resinous Flooring Supply, you’ll have a shopping experience like no other. Whether you need product answers, project advice, or just friendly service, we are the go-to source to get your job done right. Browse through our selection of Uni-Lock Tooling and place your order!

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