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Resinous Flooring Supply proudly carries Chips Unlimited vinyl chip blends. These vinyl chips, also called flakes or flecks, are designed to provide beautiful results. Each blend is the perfect mix of style and durability. The result is a seamless flooring system that takes your project to the next level. Vinyl flakes transform your commercial, residential, or industrial area. They stay strong in even the most high-traffic walkways. Say goodbye to drab flooring and hello to one that will leave a lasting impression!

Each of our blends contains ¼” chips and come in a variety of colors. We even have some mixes for those Texas sports fans out there! Not finding the mixture of chips you need? No problem! We can customize any order to fit your project needs. The possibilities are endless!

A floor isn’t just a floor – it’s something you see and use every day. Why have it look bland when it can burst with color? Additionally, vinyl flecks are fire-resistant and an element of safety to your floor. They can also be used outside with their superior resistance to those damaging UV sun rays. Don’t settle for ordinary flooring. Get the job done right with Chips Unlimited vinyl chip blends from Resinous Flooring Supply! Whether you’re in Houston or across the country, we’re here to serve you with great products, friendly service, and expert advice. Our team is always here to help with any of your project needs. Shop with us and find out why Resinous Flooring Supply is a leading name among flooring contractors and professionals.

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