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Increase the safety of your floors by adding some slip-resistance! We have the additives to get the job done. Whether you need to add slip-resistance to an industrial or residential floor, everything you need is right here at Resinous Flooring Supply. We take safety seriously and carefully select each product. Our professional team tests every item and gains hands-on experience. This means we can answer any of your product questions and offer advice over each material. We’re here to help your project go as smoothly as possible!

You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to adding slip-resistance to your floors. Not only can sub-par materials lead to poor results – it can also be dangerous. Low-quality additives don’t offer the resistance you need, leading to slips and falls. Don’t risk it! Shop with Resinous Flooring Supply instead. All of our materials are designed to offer expert results. You’ll never have to worry about the quality of your slip-resistant additives again.

At Resinous Flooring Supply, we put you and your project first. This means we keep your professional needs in mind with every item we stock. We’re here to help your project go smoothly. We truly believe in becoming a part of your team, caring just as much about your project as you do. That’s why our team never stocks anything less than the best. We make adding slip-resistance to your floors easy. Place your order with us today and join the many industry professionals who trust our products to help with their toughest projects.

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