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Sometimes, you need a few extra products to finish up the job. That’s where our smaller general products come in. Need to stock up on some chalk? No problem! Running low on utility blades? We’ve got you covered. We stock everything from measuring tapes to tool bags. Resinous Flooring Supply truly is a one-stop-shop for your project.

We believe the products you use should make your job easier. No matter how small the product, we always keep our commitment to quality in mind. Our crew tests and approves everything we stock, from caulk guns to contractor pencils. It’s one way we earn your trust and make you a customer for life.

Resinous Flooring Supply is always here to help. Whether you need advice over which product is best for your project needs or you need more information about a certain item, our team has the answers you need. Place your order with us today to stock up on all the additional products you need to get the job done!

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