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Customize the size of your brooms and brushes. Resinous Flooring Supply offers poles & handles in various sizes and materials. Our products are designed with the expert in mind. They are long enough to reach any high spaces and sturdy enough to stand up to heavy-duty use. No matter what your project needs are, you can’t go wrong with the items from Resinous Flooring Supply. We know how frustrating it is when a project is delayed by a broken handle or pole. That’s why we make sure everything we stock passes our quality test. Our experts personally test each item to make sure they can handle your toughest project needs. We believe that every tool you use should be designed to help your project go as smoothly as possible.

Don’t trust your broom or brush to just any old pole or handle. Make sure you use the high-quality items from Resinous Flooring Supply. We know exactly what it takes to get a job done the right way, and we keep that in mind when choosing our products. Your trust is important to us, so we always make sure to put you and your project first. Check out our selection of poles & handles, place your order, and find out what a difference shopping with Resinous Flooring Supply makes!

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