Velobond: An Innovation in Joint Filler for Concrete

Resinous Flooring Supply proudly stocks Velobond, a revolution in joint filler for concrete. Between the popular joint filler material and the innovative joint filler pump machine, Resinous Flooring Supply’s stock of Velobond helps you get your hands on the latest industry technology at an amazing price!

Velobond joint filler for concrete is fast-setting, UV inhibited, and perfect for flooring contractors working on commercial or industrial projects. We stock quantities small enough for quick touch up jobs and large enough to complete entire projects. At Resinous Flooring Supply, we know that the quality of your joint filler matters, and by working with Velobond, we keep our commitment to you by offering revolutionary products.

Our selection of Velobond doesn’t just stop at joint filler. We also stock the perfect machine to use with the filler: The Joint Filler Pump! This pump makes it easier and faster than ever to utilize joint filler products. With the combination of the machine and filler material, there’s never been an easier way to fill concrete joints. It makes those large commercial and industrial jobs a breeze.

At Resinous Flooring Supply, our customers come first. That’s why we always stock innovative products that help you get your project done – with the expert results you deserve. With friendly staff, easy online shopping, and lightning-fast shipping, we make it easy to experience the latest industry technology and trending products. Shop Velobond online or in-store with us today and see what a difference these items make in your next project.

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