Velobond Joint Filler Pump


The tankless/cordless Velobond Joint Filler Pump prevents you from wasting your joint filler for concrete. It is more environmentally friendly with the added benefit of cost savings, and for ease of lifting 50 lb. pails only a few inches instead of several feet to fill tanks. When not in use, seal the system by greasing and plugging the cam coupler and greasing the manifold to minimize oxidation. Without tanks, there is minimal need for cleaners such as Xylene, and minimal waste of cleaners and oil.

Velobond Joint Filler Pump Features:

  • Quick Change Hoses
  • Flat Free/Non-Marring Casters
  • Can Run Off of House Power
  • Extended Mount for Hoses
  • Camlock Couplings at Hose/Pump Connections for a Sealed System
  • 10 Gal Joint Filler Kit Not Included